The beauty of black granite worktops

July 25, 2012

Just finished up this gorgeous kitchen! Here the homeowner selected premium Black Pearl Granite to establish a modern and sleek look. Together with their choice of splash, stainless appliances, stone floor and bar stools they’ve created a kitchen to die for.

Black granite the most popular type of granite used on worktops. Its unique style brings life and shine to any kitchen. Black granite is a harder and denser than most other granite colours, making it perfect as a food preparation surface. Black granite is also less prone to heat stains and maintains its polished shine for years.

There are several varieties of black granite:

1. Absolute Black which is the darkest and has vary little pattern or variation in it. Absolute black’s uniform appearance makes it the most popular type of black granite worktop.

2. Black Pearl which shows an opalescent pattern on a black background.

3. Star Galaxy which has a dark black background spread throughout with copper and bronze flecks of colour.

If you are planning a new kitchen or remodel, and would like to add value and eye appeal to your home, consider black granite worktops. They add a beautiful one of a kind “wow” factor that gives your kitchen true class and individuality.